May 4, 2016

Exhibition and Movement Workshop
Reinterpreting the Pollock’s Branch Watershed
mapping community-valued places and stories through mindful movement

University of Virginia
Center for Cultural Landscapes | Department of Drama, Dance Program | School of Architecture

Sunday | May 15 | 1-4pm | Ix Art Park Gallery and Lounge

522 2nd Street SE. Entrance to the gallery is through the far right door facing the Art Park. Parking is available proximate the warehouse.

Please wear comfortable walking shoes and bring your smartphones.

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Reinterpreting the Pollock’s Branch Watershed is an interdisciplinary mapping project undertaken by the University of Virginia’s Center for Cultural Landscapes and led by faculty in the Department of Drama and the School of Architecture. It focuses on the Pollock’s Branch Creek watershed which runs south of Garrett Street downtown to Moore’s Creek and from Avon Street to Ridge Street. This diverse area comprises much of the IX property as well as several public housing properties and portions of the Belmont and Ridge Street neighborhoods.

Through the joint methods of dance and landscape architecture, the project elicits the engagement and participation of community members in the collective process to: 

  • Identify and celebrate the unique features and places valued by the community
  • Reimagine the area’s future use and character as the City continues to plan for change over time
  • Create a place-based experience of the watershed to share with the larger Charlottesville community

The event will feature an overview of previous workshops and the opportunity to participate in a self-guided workshop with friends and family.These workshops use embodied forms of analysis—including movement within the landscape and sensorial experiences—to investigate the complexities of the project area as it is lived and felt. As part of the workshop participants will be able to contribute their understanding of the watershed area to a dynamic crowd-sourced digital map created with the help of the UVA Scholar’s Lab.

This project is funded in part by a Faculty Research Grant for the Arts from the Office of the Provost and Vice Provost for the Arts.

Reinterpreting the Pollock’s Branch Watershed Poster