Feb 15, 2017
Art, Events

Failure.  Fiction.  Futility.  Fun.  Fruition.  Fame.  Foolishness.  Fakery.  Finitude.  Felicity.  Fear.  Fugue.  Flirtation.  Form.  Futurity.  Fad.  Fantasy. Feeling.  Ferality.  Fetish.  Fermentation.  Figuration.  Filth.  Fragment. Freedom.  Fulfillment.  Fire.  Faith.   A prism of “f” words related to the praxis and production of art offers an avenue into a conversation among the 2016/2017 Faculty Arts Fellows about the “so what?” of the arts, within and outside the academy.

A Conversation with the Inaugural Class of UVA Arts Fellows (Tom Bloom, Drama; Luke Dahl, Music; Carmenita Higginbotham, Art History; Kim Brooks Mata, Dance; Dvid Sariti, Music; Lisa Russ Spaar, Creative Writing)

Tuesday, February 21st | 5 – 6pm | Jefferson Hall, Hotel C, West Range | Reception to Follow, Hotel A, West Range

art & the f-word:  a conversation poster