Nov 23, 2020

The Virginia Association of Broadcasters (VAB) recently announced winners of its 2020 annual  broadcasting awards, and WTJU has won three First Place awards this year.  

“We have a remarkable team at WTJU, and we make radio because we love serving our community,”  said Nathan Moore, General Manager of WTJU. “That said, it always feels really good to be recognized  by our peers in broadcasting.”  

WTJU has won several VAB radio awards over the years, though the last year the station won three such  awards was 2017.  

WTJU’s winning entries include:  

Best Station Promo: “I Can’t Find WTJU“ — Written & acted by: Don Harrison, Erin O’Hare.  Produced by Lewis Reining  

Best Public Services / Community Event: “WTJU Summer Camps“ — Producer: Mary Garner  McGehee. Camp Coordinator: Lewis Reining  

Outstanding Feature Reporting: “Charlottesville Corner Live Music Scene“ — Producer: Sabrina  Moore  

“That Sabrina’s piece won is particularly remarkable. This was her first-ever radio piece, which she  produced as a fourth-year UVA student enrolled in my J-term class this year,” said Nathan Moore.  

The winning pieces can be heard online at: 

WTJU 91.1 FM has been part of the University of Virginia since its first broadcast in 1957. WTJU is a  community radio station that enriches the culture of Virginia, extends the educational mission of UVA,  and brings people together through excellent music and conversation.