Aug 6, 2020

With a century of recorded jazz behind us, where is the music today?

This Friday, August 7, WTJU debuts a new weekly radio show to answer that question: Jazz at 100 Today!

The program will guide listeners through the current jazz scene with a historical lens – each Friday, 9 – 10 a.m on 91.1 FM and Past episodes will be posted at

A successor to the celebrated Jazz at 100 series, Jazz at 100 Today! is also hosted by veteran WTJU jazz host Rus Perry.

“We have virtually instant access to a century of recorded jazz, documenting broad sweeps of creativity and innovation. So it can be difficult for today’s working musicians to be heard,” said Perry. “The show gives voice to the current jazz scene, celebrating the incredible music of the living treasures who keep pushing boundaries while standing on the shoulders of giants.”

WTJU’s earlier program Jazz at 100 traced the history of recorded jazz through 100 one-hour episodes. It was syndicated through the Public Radio Exchange (PRX) and aired on more than a dozen public and community radio stations across the country.

Jazz at 100 Today! will also be syndicated at PRX and distributed through the digital magazine All About Jazz.

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