Mar 29, 2018
Events, Music

On the evening of March 15th, Music Matters hosted ‘Invisible Jukebox’ at Snowing in Space. Inspired by The Wire’s column also known as ‘Invisible Jukebox’, this collaborative, curated experience of musical unknowns offered a unique opportunity to engage with unfamiliar music. Programmed, designed and curated, by a team of students led by Caitlin Flay, Lindsey Shavers, Corrinne James, Darby Delaney and Evan Frolov, we were all invited to share a soundscape of IDM, blues, EDM, rock, noise and and much more. An excellent group of undergraduate students hung out with some postgraduates and faculty from the music department together with some intrigued members of the general public. We chose to cater the event with free coffee and desserts from Snowing in Space for all guests.


Invisible Jukebox meets at Snowing in Space


Corrinne James, an artist and musician at UVa who designs the posters and aesthetics for the events writes:

“The atmosphere at Snowing In Space created an environment that was approachable, relaxing, and fun. There was not only a desire to engage with the content, but also a desire to engage with like-minded people, all enjoying the music that was stirring conversation. It was so rewarding to see the smiling faces of the public, those which happened to stumble upon the event, echoing a desire to not only join the conversation but to also laugh and to let go with those already in conversation. The desserts were also incredible and it created optimism for the future of this series. People are engaging willingly, which is important and exciting for the community. It’s amazing to imagine the possibilities of what is going to come next.


Invisible Jukebox meets at Snowing in Space


Please also see this blogpost from Lindsey Shavers reporting on our previous event ‘Music, Sound and Rights in NYC’ held last month at Open Grounds and featuring the wonderful artist, Genji Siraisi.

Our final event this semester is on Saturday 14th April and will see Music Matters merge with the Telemetry series of experimental music and sound as we head towards a collaboratively curated evening of screening and live performances at The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative. The line-up will consist of UVa artists, including inning, Molly Murphy, Lindsey Shavers (DJ set) and Naomi Alligator.

Special thanks to Caitlin Flay for leading the team of student curators, to Tanner Greene and Tim Booth, and to Julia Minnerly, Space Lab Commander at Snowing in Space. Many thanks to everyone at the Mead Endowment for their vision and generosity in making such shared events possible.


Written by faculty member Noel Lobely
Original Publication: The Mead Endowment Newsletter