The Student Council Arts Committee is a cabinet-level committee within Student Council responsible for addressing the needs of the student arts community, broadening access to the arts within and outside of the University, and using the arts to improve the quality of the educational and student experience at UVA. Its mission is to enrich the educational and cultural experience at The University of Virginia through promotion of and exposure to the arts, improved access to cultural events, increased presence of creative endeavors around Grounds, representation and support of student artists and art lovers, and using art to create a positive difference in the greater community.

Mission and Vision

Addressing the Needs of the Arts Community
The primary focus of the Committee is to identify and communicate the needs of students in the arts community to faculty and administrators at the University of Virginia and to drive change that improves the arts. The Arts Committee strives to facilitate and support that change and to create a network of resources and relationships that is comprehensive, diverse, and responsive to the changing needs of the arts students at the University.

Broadening Access to Art
Though not everyone will be an  Arts major, the Committee’s mission is to make participation in the arts openly accessible to every student, and to make consumption of the arts easily available to all students, faculty members,  staff members at the University, as well as the broader Charlottesville community.

Art and the Educational Experience
Both inside the classroom and beyond, the arts offer a number of avenues to enrich the students’ educational experience. Principles of creativity and design intersect with every academic discipline, and the Committee works to foster productive collaboration between the arts and academia.

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