The Arts Enhancement Fund was established to increase the visibility and influence of the Arts at the University by promoting the engagement of the University community in the worlds of art, drama, and music and to engage professional artists who would enrich the experiences of our students. From its inception, Department Chairs of Art, Drama, and Music, as well as the Museum Director, have played an important role in recommending proposals submitted by the University community to the Vice Provost for the Arts office.

While the opportunity to make a proposal for funding is open to any member of the University community, it must be accompanied by a written evaluation by the chair of Art, Drama, Music, or The Fralin Museum of Art director. Given the limited nature of the Fund, ideally, evaluators should look for ways to coordinate residencies and programs thematically or with scheduling in order to maximize their impact upon the University community.

Request for Proposals

A call for proposals will be sent to the chairs of Art, Drama, Music, and the director of The Fralin Museum of Art in the spring semester of each academic year. The Arts Enhancement Fund seeks one or more proposals from these departments that will increase the visibility and influence of the arts at the University. Collaborative projects creating the greatest amount of access will be favored. The amount of the fund varies year to year and will be specified in the call.

The proposals are due May 11, 2020, and should be submitted electronically to Emma Terry.

Please provide the following information:

  • Project Title
  • Collaborators
  • Briefly describe the project you envision. What is the main subject? Who will be involved? How many (and which) departments will be included?
  • What programs and events will be included? What do you hope people will learn from this project?
  • A plan of work
  • A breakdown of the proposed budget
  • A brief biography for each of the collaborators

Notifications will be sent out in June with the following specifications:

  • All marketing material/emails invitations etc. shall contain the following text: [co-]sponsored by an Arts Enhancement Grant¬†from the Office of the Provost and the Vice Provost of the Arts
  • By accepting these funds, you agree to provide the Vice Provost for the Arts office with information and images both preceding and following your event.
  • In order to maintain an archive of all the Arts Enhancements events online, immediately following the event, this office will also require images from the event itself and a short descriptive paragraph outlining its success.

Contact Us

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Emma Terry
Programs & Communication Director for UVA Arts
Special Assistant to the Vice Provost for the Arts
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